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Premier ENT Orlando Specialist

If you suffer day in and day out with allergy and sinus pain because you believe treatments only cover up the problem—it’s time to make a change and improve your quality of life now.

With 40 years of experience and expertise as Orlando’s premier ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist, Dr. Robert P. Collette, M.D., and his dedicated team offer the most innovative treatments and state-of-the-art technologies to give you lasting relief from sinus pain.

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Balloon Sinus Surgery

State-of-the-art Balloon Sinuplasty technology uses a small, flexible balloon to open and restructure nasal passageways, alleviating sinus pressure, headaches, congestion and fatigue.


A highly effective corrective procedure, Septoplasty straightens the septum to open the airway and relieve your painful symptoms.


A minimally invasive sinus technique, Turbinectomy eliminates blockages in your nasal passageways and gives you relief from your sinus condition.

Allergy Testing

Before you take allergy shots, find out if allergies are really causing all of your symptoms. Dr. Collette and his medical team can help diagnose your symptoms to treat the true cause of your pain or discomfort to finally offer you relief.

CAT Scan for Sinus

An advanced X-ray procedure, an in-office CAT scan for sinus can quickly provide great value in accurately diagnosing your sinus problems.

Dr. Robert P. Collette

Board Certified Otolaryngologist

Serving Central Florida for the past 40 years, Dr. Collette provides the highest quality sinus, allergy, ear, nose and throat care to children and adults. He is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOTO) and a member of the American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS).

Dr. Collette is one of the few ENT otolaryngologists in the Orlando area to specialize in Balloon Sinuplasty, a much less invasive alternative to conventional sinus surgery.

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Dr. Robert P. Collette, M.D.

About Orlando Sinus Surgery

Orlando Sinus Surgery offers the convenience of two offices for an ENT in Orange City and Lake Mary. Each patient who visits our offices gets a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Collette.

We are known for being on time, so you won’t have to wait to see the doctor. Our friendly staff ensures that every visit to our office is a pleasant one.

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Office staff is friendly and professional, and making an appointment was a breeze. The level of professional service rendered far exceeded my expectations and the results I experienced also exceeded my expectations. Thank you and keep up the fine service to our community. Kindest Regards.

— W. Ken Allen – Orange City

The surgery was great! Feel so much better, no headaches. Recovery was quick and easy.

— Bernice W. – Orange City, FL

After seeing Dr. Collette for dizziness, my head feels more clear than it has in three years. It is like a miracle!

— Ernie S. – Orange City, Fl.

Clear Your Sinuses and Breathe Easy Forever

At Orlando Sinus Surgery, we are dedicated to understanding your specific sinus situation in order to accurately diagnose the issue. Using the latest technology and testing procedures, we will develop a treatment plan that delivers long-lasting and effective results, thereby eliminating your pain and fatigue.

Take back your quality of life. Sleep better, breathe better and live a healthier life without expensive medications and insufferable sinus pain, pressure and infections.

Contact Dr. Collette now to schedule your priority consultation.

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